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People often ask me, “Amy, what’s the secret to your success?” and I always say that I live and die by systems.

In fact, without systems... I could not have a multimillion-dollar business and still have a life. I could not have a four-day workweek and actually make money if I didn’t have systems.

Forbes recently stated that when you create systems in your business you can save up to two work hours per day... that’s 240 hours a year!

And that’s why today’s episode is so important. Because I want you to imagine what it would feel like to no longer be chasing a never-ending to-do list... and instead feel focused and confident as you create the business of your dreams.

We'll talk about...

  • The virtual filing system I swear by that actually saves me time
  • How I make my project management program work for me, and not the other way around
  • The number one communication tool I adore and the magic of SOPs
  • Three ways to scale your business brilliantly

If you want to know my secrets for going from a constant state of busy business overwhelm to tons of organization, more free time, more money in the bank, and a four-day workweek… you’re in the right place.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [08:35] Want to stay organized? Use a virtual filing system to organize assets in Dropbox and documents in Google Docs. 
  • [17:46] Asana allows you to systemize and get really clear on who's doing what and when it's due. 
  • [23:29] Find out how we use Slack to segment communication by channel and our guidelines, including keeping tasks in project management software. 
  • [28:17] Learn how we have built a blueprint for success using standard operating procedures or SOPs. We have systemized tutorials for any procedure that we do over and over again.
  • [35:18] Three ways to help you scale your business include becoming an affiliate marketer, adding a group coaching program to your product suite, and adding a digital course!

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