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Are you ready to boost your sales and crack the code on customer conversions? 

Ask any copywriter about sales pages and they’ll tell you: it takes a lot of tinkering to crack the sales conversion code.

That said, after our last Digital Course Academy launch -- I think we might have actually done it and I’m spilling all the beans about it.

In this podcast episode, you’ll learn exactly what widgets we used and strategies we implemented to keep eyes on the DCA sales page for over 5 minutes.

That’s a lifetime when it comes to viewer stats.

It also means that the sales page is working wonders when it comes to keeping leads engaged.

As an online business owner, I want you to have knowledge about the little things that made a big difference in our latest launch conversions (so you can use them too!) -- things like:

  • A customizable widget that helps potential students, customers, and clients get all of their burning questions answered face to face
  • The one section every sales page needs to help customers feel confident about their purchase (one of my favs!)
  • How video can keep your customers engaged right from the very top of the page and what to include so they can’t help but keep watching, reading, and clicking those buy buttons

I also tell you the #1 simple to implement and most engaging part of the page that you don’t want to miss. Stick around until the end of the episode for that one!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [04:09] We used VideoAsk which is a widget which allows you to have face-to-face video conversations with your customers and ended up with a 33% conversion rate.
  • [08:34] Testimonials was another enticing section. We had three or four on the page and then offered the option of looking through an entire database of customer testimonials broken up by category.
  • [11:39] There was also a sizzle reel at the top of the sales page. This is a short video mashup of audio, video and images that promote your offer, and something you can make on your own!
  • [14:08] Our chat feature was hot on our sales page. This is the little chat bubble that pops up and offers a live chat, which will guarantee higher engagement. 
  • 20:28] Track your metrics. It's the only way to know if all of your sales page efforts are working. Google analytics allows me to see trends. We know if we are growing, improving, and how to pivot. 
  • [22:13] Action steps: Decide which of the above mentioned methods you are going to use and start planning things out. Decide during this week and start scheduling each one. Create a plan for one or two of these strategies and start chipping away at it.

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