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It’s never too late to hit send and connect with your subscribers again.

If your email list has been on your mind (maybe a little more time has passed than you’d like to admit since you’ve last landed in their inbox) and you know it’s time to hit ‘send’ but you’re afraid that you’ll be met with crickets and unsubscribes -- today’s episode is just what you need to gain back your confidence.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to engaging with your email list after a long absence, there are a few simple things you can put into place to make a seamless re-entry.

But first, I have to tell you: you’re not alone.

Life happens and sometimes we have to hit pause on our regular systems and processes. I get soooo many questions about this topic -- so, it’s time we talk about it. 

In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through how to organize and put together a re-engagement campaign, including how many emails to send, how far apart, and what to include in each email.

You’ll also learn everything you need to know to successfully hit send with confidence and:

  • Know exactly what to say so your audience feels supported and seen
  • Have a plan on how many emails you need to send and help them remember why they signed up in the first place
  • Create a free gift that they need so badly they’ll be thanking you a million times over in their replies
  • Craft a plan to write emails they look forward to opening week in and week out

It’s time to make a plan because your subscribers are waiting for you.

If you’re ready to get back on track and into the hearts and inboxes of your audience, click below to get started.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [03:31] It's easier to reignite an old list than it is to start from scratch. In fact, getting a new customer can cost five times more than re-engaging with an old customer.
  • [06:10] If you’ve taken some time away from your email list, it’s time to create a re-engagement campaign. 
  • [07:40] Email #1: Reintroduce yourself, but then make it all about how you are serving your audience. 
  • [12:07] Email #2: Continue to nurture your list and show them how you're going to help them achieve their goal and desire, and why you're the person to do so. 
  • [14:37] Email #3: Ask what they need and ask them to reply directly to your email. This shows you care and are committed to serving them. 
  • [16:01] Rules: Make sure your subject lines stand out. Commit to showing up consistently. Set time aside and batch your email content.
  • [21:02] Give it at least 60 days before you begin to sell. This is all part of the know, like, and trust equation.
  • [21:53] Action steps: Within the next week sit down and write out your re-engagement campaign. Then give yourself at least a week to write out the emails, and finally send them. Enjoy the process!

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