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Want to write weekly emails that *actually* get opened? Read on… 

That’s right, my friend! Writing your weekly emails doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be a joy, and my guest in this episode will give you the tools you need to make that a reality. 

Her name is Zafira Rajan, and she’s a strategic launch copywriter and soulful strategist committed to helping conscious entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale their businesses using storytelling. 

In this episode, she’s sharing a step-by-step for identifying what she calls “Personality Pillars,” which will give you a bank of ideas to have on hand when you’re ready to sit down and write.

As well as her top three strategies for creating a weekly non-negotiable ritual for writing consistent email copy.

How To Become A Pro Copywriter

  • [09:26] Personality pillars are at the core of how Zafira shows up for brands. It's about showing the dimensions of you.
  • [14:36] Your first pillar is your core values. We all have values and things we stand for whether they are business or personal. 
  • [15:56] Your second pillar is your stamp of weirdness. What do people find weird, funny, natural, or even interesting about you? 
  • [18:15] The third pillar is your intentional impact. Whether you're launching or not, it's important to remind people consistently that you have something that they can buy.
  • [20:54] The fourth pillar is your unapologetic opinion. What point of view do I have that I'm afraid to share? The people who you want to bring into your life and attract will appreciate your point of view.
  • [24:45]  Your fifth element is your “Z” or zest factor. This is what you sprinkle on top of everything to make it uniquely yours. This is the sweet spot between what you do and why people care about it.
  • [32:33] Create an environment that sets a tone for writing or creating content. Design a custom writing ritual. Light a candle and get in the zone.

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