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Sales page struggling to convert? Here’s what to do!

Just like you, your sales page is a big deal. 

And when it isn’t converting, it’s easy to feel defeated. (Trust me, I’ve been there, my friend!)

Luckily, there are a few minor tweaks that you can make to your sales page that will have it converting like crazy and leave your potential students saying, “I need this, NOW,” and then hitting that buy button. 

In this episode, you’ll gain the guidance you need to simplify your sales page with a powerful layout that has worked extremely well in my own business. 

When it comes to a compelling sales page, there are a few features you want to pay attention to: your call-to-action, your “Magic Mirror,” and your “Highlight Reel.” And don’t you worry, I’ll explain what all of those mean. 

Once you get these dialed in, it’s smooth sailing to attract your ideal community to your offer. 

Ready to get your sales page converting like crazy? 

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • [02:10] If done right, your sales page can be gold. It can be one of the most essential parts of your sales funnel, customer journey, and conversion success. 
  • [04:27] Your sales page is a tool to deliver the four W's of your offer. These are what your offer is, who it's for, why you created it, and what transformation your course offers. 
  • [06:30] Sprinkle your CTA confetti throughout your sales page. Have four different CTAs with one near the top for action takers, one after your offer and bonus content, one after your money back promise, and one at the bottom of your sales page.
  • [09:30] Clearly state who your product and offer is for and place this near the top of your sales page. This is the magic mirror where they see themselves in the copy and keep reading. 
  • [14:03] Future pacing is like a highlight reel that paints a picture of what is possible for your student and how your offer will get them there.

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