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Be your most confident self online in 2021

I recall the days of doing a Facebook Live when you couldn’t see how many people were tuning in. Talk about having an E.T. moment… “Is anyone out there?”

Nowadays, when you show up Live online, you can see who is tuning in. Thank the Tech Gods!

And while we can see a real-time number of who is joining in to soak up your guidance and expertise, that doesn’t make feeling an overwhelming sense of confidence a shoe-in. If you’re anything like me, I have to work at showing up confidently online. 

My guest in this episode, Ivirlei Brookes, is a pro when it comes to showing up intentionally and radiating confidence. Ivirlei is a business and mindset coach with 10 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs just like you build their confidence. 

She’s sharing her 5 step process, as well as some tangible action items that you can implement right away for increasing your confidence and showing up big and bold this year. 

Time to show up with confidence, my friend!

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