Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Are you ready to make list building mistakes a thing of the past so you can become an email list master?

Well, my friend, I have just the guy to help you do so. Neil Patel, top online marketer, entrepreneur, and best selling author is going to share three of the most email marketing mistakes made by entrepreneurs.

And, of course, he doesn’t stop there. He also goes on to share how to avoid these mistakes and, instead, how to improve your email marketing game and successfully grow your list.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • The biggest mistake that people are making right now with their email list is focusing on the size of their list. The truth is if your list isn't engaging, the size of it doesn't matter. Scrub your list and remove people who don't open or engage.
  • Growing your list is always a challenge. Respond to comments on blogs, groups, and social sites by helping people. When you point people to your helpful resources, you can grow your list while engaging and helping new subscribers. 
  • Learn to sell every once in a while. You need to put offers out there, so your audience doesn't think it's always free all of the time. You can sell even if your list is small. It will add up. 
  • Free tools convert really well for list signups. If you don't have your own tool, you can find something to use at CodeCanyon. Tools convert best. Then journeys, ebooks, and general newsletter optins. Blocking off a portion of your content for subscribers only is also a tactic that converts. 
  • You can share a journey by allowing your subscribers to follow you as you create something like a new course and then share your results. Share your goal, get subscribers, and let them follow your journey through your posts and content. 
  • An email capture system refers to your process to capture emails. You can do so through multiple ways like a tool, newsletter, quiz, and more. You want to create a system with different paths for different personality types to subscribe.

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