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Holy cow, there is A LOT of uncertainty right now. And we all have a lot of questions. First, you are not alone. Second, to continue to support you and your business during the coronavirus crisis, I’ve connected with the members of my free Online Marketing Made Easy Facebook group and I’ve asked them: “what questions do you have about navigating your business?”

My students gave me dozens of wonderful questions that I know will also help you. As you pivot to find the right way to move your online and small business forward during COVID-19, consider the questions I answer in this episode. They are:

  • I have yet to launch a course. Do you feel this is a good time to do so, or should I stay focused on list building and relationship building with weekly content?
  • I’ve been crafting and getting ready to share my business with the world, and then COVID-19 hit. Should I postpone launching my business and sharing it with others until we start to see some normalcy again? 
  • I was going to live launch last week, with a second round starting this week. It’s highly possible that I have contracted COVID-19, so I’m not physically feeling up to going live on video, but I still want to launch. In this situation, is moving to evergreen okay?
  • I have a photography business and can not currently operate my business. I have postponed all sessions for the coming weeks and was nowhere near my goal of filling my easter sessions before COVID 19. What should I do now? 
  • These days, it feels weird seeing an email or social media post that’s NOT mentioning the pandemic. How have you adapted your marketing and communication?
  • What are the best small business resources to lean on during this crisis?
  • Since I had to stop my one-on-one work, I’ve been doing free daily videos on Facebook to keep my audience engaged. It’s the first time I’ve offered online services, and I’ve been getting great feedback. How do I transition from offering free content to charging for my online services?
  • How in the world am I supposed to be able to focus on my business with my kids home, trying to support them in their school work, not to mention being the lunch lady, and having my husband home too? HELP!
  • I’m not sure how to help my target audience during this time. I teach interior design to brick and mortar shop owners, and many of my clients’ businesses are shut down right now. How do I adjust my message and my content to serve them when many of them are closed and worry about paying rent?

If you’re working from home and need a little extra guidance, I’ve got you covered. For more in-depth tips on work-from-home success, grab the free PDF resource that I’ve put together for you.

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