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I am so happy that you’re tuning into this episode because we are shaking things up and doing something different!

A few months back, I spoke at Stu McLaren’s TRIBE! event which aims to educate, teach, and bring together entrepreneurs around membership sites. And by the way, if you know me at all, you know that I adore Stu and his event was absolutely amazing.

At his event, TRIBE!, I spoke about my top content creation secrets that I like to use to keep my audience engaged, feeling that they are always receiving value, and coming back for more. 

I thought this information was so valuable that I wanted to share it with you. 

So today, because I just love you so much, you get VIP access to the recording of the presentation I gave! Now, these 5 tools for content creation will help you to rethink how you do content and make creating valuable, high-quality content easy. 

My goal is for you to walk away feeling inspired and excited to put these tools to work within your business! I know you’re going to love this presentation and get so much value out of it. 

Now, I just have to remind you that I ONLY teach what is working in my business, and today’s strategy is definitely working in my business! But, you’re also going to hear how I didn’t use one of these strategies and the lesson I learned from that experience.

Here is a preview of the 5 lessons I teach in this episode: 

Lesson #1: Let your paid content drive your free content! Whoa! What a concept, right? Now, I can hear you thinking, “But Amy, if I give away my paid content for free, why would anyone pay for it?!” 

Stay with me on this one. I promise there is a way to do this where you give just enough of your content to make them want more, which will lead to them signing up for your paid content!

I’ll show you exactly what I mean in this episode!

Lesson #2: The importance of repetition! You’ve heard me say this before (see how I practice what I preach?!) so it should come to no surprise to you that repetition is a powerful marketing strategy. 

In this episode, I’m going to show you why repetition is the mother of skill! I’m going to show you exactly what I mean by repeating your content and share with you WHY you want your audience hearing about your key concepts from you even before they buy!

Lesson #3: Share more scars than scabs! I know, I know, this analogy is kind of gross, but it gets the point across, right?

Here’s the thing, when you show your scars -- and stay tuned to find out what I mean by scars versus scabs -- you will truly elevate your audience's experience!

Lesson #4: Share your life but remember your why! Again, this all ties back to elevating your audience's experience and inspiring them to grow!

Now, I’m not overly excited to tell you this, but I failed to do this -- which is why it’s one of my lessons! And, since I’m committed to sharing my scars so you can avoid making the same mistake, I’m going to share exactly how I didn’t elevate my audience's experience and how, in hindsight, I could have!

Lesson #5: Superthinking is the secret to content that truly sticks!

Alright, time to get sticky! Multitaskers, come back to me now because if you take anything away from this episode, I want it to be SuperThinking! 

If you’ve never heard of SuperThinking, get ready to be mind-blown! This is my superweapon for becoming a creative genius in my business and content!

Now, the reason I’ve really been rethinking my content creation strategy is that, as I mentioned, we are launching Momentum, our membership site for students who have gone through my DCA program! 

And as you can imagine, creating enough content to make a membership site valuable can be daunting -- trust me, this is why I’ve pushed it off for as long as I have. And now that we’re launching it, I’m using this approach to make creating content for Momentum so easy!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the highlights from my presentation…

  • [06:34] Your launch success is driven by how you show up when you are not launching. It's about the content you are creating and the value you're providing in between your launches.
  • [13:03] Let your paid content drive your free content ideas. I let my paid content drive everything I put out on social, and I'm never at a loss for ideas. Once my course framework is figured out, I have a wealth of knowledge to share as my free content. I also talk about where people might get stuck, their pain points, and the mindset blocks that are holding them back.
  • [18:06] Repetition is the mother of skill! I want people to have heard the content before so that they know what to expect and are confidently ready to move forward by the time they purchase my course. Don't be afraid to use your content across all of your platforms.
  • [22:25] Share more scars than scabs. Make sure your stories and experiences always elevate your audience's experience and add value.
  • [28:21] Share your life but remember why you're sharing it. It's important to share behind the scenes but don't forget the reason you're sharing it with them. How is it adding to their life or business?
  • [34:19] Super thinking is the secret to content that really sticks. When you create content that truly sticks, it comes from deep inside you. Spend an hour a week asking super thinking about your business!
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