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I was recently in Toronto at Stu McLaren’s Tribe event and had an opportunity to record an interview with Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five. Jill and Josh Stanton are two of my favorite people. Josh is hilarious, and I love talking with Jill. You know, I have so many good things to say about Facebook groups, but today is about using short pop-up groups to promote your offers. 

Jill and Josh used this method to promote one of their products and to promote my Digital Course Academy. They also threw in a fun twist by making five day challenges where they give a short challenge each day along with challenge marching orders. They also offer a prize to people who make it all the way through. 

These groups are a great way to warm up your audience or introduce them to a person or product that you would like to promote. Jill shares all of the tactics that she used along with some smart ideas to give the audience what they want and need without being pushy or overselling. This method can be used to create custom content and engagement for the right audience at the right time.

  • [07:31] You can create a timeline of four weeks, but for Jill and Josh, engagement started to drop off after a couple of weeks. They tested a two week group and the results were great. This is keeping people's attention for a shorter time and making a quick win. 
  • [10:14] Look at your offer and choose a congruent topic. Don't overwhelm people with the how-tos. Your offer is the how. You need to help them see the what and the why. Empower them to take action. 
  • [15:21] The what and why for Jill and Josh's Digital Course Academy pop-up promotion was Think Like an Expert - From Impostor Syndrome to Expert Status. They identified five core beliefs that were holding their audience back. 
  • [19:09] They ran a challenge on their last pop-up. They ran ads and spent about $42,000 and generated $293,000. They spent $10,000 to get 1200 super targeted people in the group. The one prior to that, they spent $4500 and made $43,000. 
  • [22:48] The challenges are short five minute videos that give a challenge and marching orders. The entire challenge has a prize incentive. Every day at 1:00 they would do a Facebook Live about the challenge of the day. No CTA but they are seeding the topic. 
  • [29:54] Pay attention to the objections you get when you make offers. You want to help the audience overcome their limiting beliefs. 
  • [31:04] Create content around the topic of your pop-up group and have your readers or listeners opt in. You're building your list and creating anticipation around an offer. People can opt in through messenger or email.
  • [35:29] Moving people from the challenge to the offer includes seeding throughout the content. You can move into a webinar, a free video series, a Facebook Live, and the cart opens on day five. When the offer closes, the group is archived. People who did join the program still get your support. 

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