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Ring the fire alarm because my better half, Mr. Hobie Porterfield, is lighting this place up! I’m super excited to have him back on the show, because I love sharing this side of my life. It may not always be unicorns and rainbows, but it’s pretty special.

Hobie puts fires out for a living, but he also helps me put fires out in my business. If it weren’t for his emotional support, I can’t say I’d be where I am today. He’s my biggest cheerleader, my biggest supporter, and he picks me up when I’m down.

We have learned and grown so much together. I just love having him on the show to share how we juggle laundry, launches, and everything in between as a team. This is an inside look at how we communicate about our needs, managing time and money, and our big goals.

You sent in some amazing questions. We’ll try to answer them, and hopefully, some of the things that we’ve learned and shared will help you not only in your business, but in your relationships as well.

  • [03:15] Hobie does more of the housework, and he likes to rub it in 😉remind me of that.
  • [06:26] Hobie doesn’t mind listening to me talk about my work, because it gives him a connection into my world.
  • [09:25] We sit down multiple times throughout the year and schedule everything
  • [13:39] When it comes to money and investing – getting a financial planner is one of the smartest things you can do.
  • [18:53] Why Hobie doesn’t go to conferences with me
  • [23:52] What would happen if we swapped roles for a day.
  • [25:49] Hobie talks about how he feels about me making more money than him
  • [29:28] How my weight loss has changed how we spend our time
  • [37:47] Hobie shares his amazing proposal plan that didn’t quite work out as planned. We also get a little personal with what annoys each other and how much fun we have.



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