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  • “Amy, can I still launch my course if I only have 500 people on my email list?” 

    Ambitious course creators ask me variations of that question at least once a week.

    It’s easy for the size of your list to become one more excuse not to launch.

    My guest today is someone who had a successful launch with a list of 750 subscribers. Tarzan Kay has had not just one but three successful launches with a small list. In this episode, she shares her tips and strategies and walks us through her inspiring launch success.

    Tarzan is a launch strategist and email copywriting expert for online entrepreneurs and digital-course creators. Her specialty is fun-to-read, more-addictive-than-Game-of-Thrones copy for digital-course launches. 

    In her own business, she uses my special webinar framework —shout out to my Digital Course Academy members! In fact, she's used it over and over to sell her own courses, fill her private mastermind, and even had the occasional $100,000 month while working 30 hours per week and being the sole provider for her family of four. 

    I know you’re going to love this episode. Tarzan’s tips are useful for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their list, big or small. 

    • [14:33] Start thinking about how you can build relationships with individuals on your list, so they know that you're real and that you are going to deliver for them.
    • [15:45] Launching takes courage. Those who are successful launch through the fear and keep doing it again and again.
    • [16:23] More than revenue comes out of a launch. You get opportunities to speak, be on podcasts, build relationships, partner, and more.
    • [20:12] Tarzan uses a tool called BombBomb to send personalized videos to people who were active on her webinars. She also puts their names on her whiteboard. Email your list weekly and start a conversation. You can even hop on calls with people from your list. 
    • [26:50] Tarzan knows how to speak to the different personality types on her email list… and she breaks it down for us in Game of Thrones characters to make it easy to understand.
    • [32:17] All of your emails won't appeal to everybody, but there is definitely a way to make them appeal to more than one group at once.
    • [35:44] The number of people replying to your email is a great metric to judge whether they liked it or not.
    • [37:01] A nurture sequence comes after a new subscriber has opted in to get your freebie. Put a lot of energy into showing them your personality.

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