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I get so many questions about LinkedIn. You’ve been asking how to use it for your audience, for list building, and what’s working right now.

I decided to bring in the big guns and invite world-renowned LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen on the show. Viveka is the author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and LinkedIn: 101 Ways To Rock Your Personal Brand: Grow your network and build your business!.

She is also a personal branding expert, LinkedIn Learning author, international keynote speaker, and has been recognized as a top LinkedIn and social media expert. She contributes to many major publications and has even been featured on two movies about social media. She is co-founder of Vengreso which provides digital sales solutions.

I’m so glad to have her here today to talk about what is currently working on LinkedIn, strategies for B2C clients, what is coming up with video and LinkedIn Live, and so much more. She even gives us actionable steps to transform our profile to sell in a non-salesy way and use content to nurture and grow relationships.

  • [06:08] Diving deeper is the strategy that worked for Viveka. She was also able to learn the platform inside and out, build relationships, and stay top of mind with her audience.
  • [14:25] You can repurpose blog posts on LinkedIn by clicking on "write an article" and pasting that article in LinkedIn Publisher. Other great ways to repurpose content is to add images to your article, create a PowerPoint presentation, and publish it as a document. Videos can be uploaded as native video or in the soon to be released LinkedIn Live.
  • [16:07] Position yourself as a thought leader. Make your background image about your product and have your summary read like a sales page (but not salesy). Who are you helping? What are their pain points? What is your solution?
  • [21:47] Selling is about being human and relationships. Know your audience and speak to your audience and don't worry about people self-selecting away from you.
  • [27:51] The secret recipe is to share something every day and create a long-form post once a week. For the long-form post use 1200 to 1400 characters and emojis to share something of value. Shoot and upload a relevant video or PDF, PowerPoint, or infographic for 10X the number of views. Use LinkedIn messaging to create a sharing fan club.
  • [33:22] A great way to get access to a B2B prospect is to interview the influencer in that company. This is how Viveca and Vengreso have been able to start the conversation for six- and seven-figure deals.

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