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If you asked your customers or fans what you were known for what would they say?

We’ve all got that special something that we want to be known for. That thing that attracts your customers to you effortlessly and grows your audience with ease.

That “it” factor, what your known for, is the foundation for your positioning.

It’s also the path to increase your profit and purpose.

Over the years I have seen so many people stop themselves from confidently staking their claim on what they want to be known for out of fear of getting put in a box.

The truth is, you can’t create a recognizable brand if you’re not known for something specific. And you can always pivot (just ask me or my girl Marie Forleo).

This episode is dedicated to helping you figure out a game plan for what you want to be known for and how you’ll share that secret sauce with the world.

Listen in to get these five specific ways to get clear on what you’re known for (and more!).

  1. [16:09] Clear messaging. Where do people start with you? Where are they at the beginning of the journey? This is a great place to start the conversation and create a lead magnet. Starting in the right place can lead subscribers down a path.
  2. [18:44] Talk about what you are known for a lot. Weave in these topics into everything that you do and always come back to it. Only talk about your area of expertise and to an audience that is a good fit.
  3. [22:05] Stick with it. You will never be known for something specific if you are constantly dabbling in a bunch of things. You can be passionate about a lot of things but narrow your business down.
  4. [23:42] Don’t be afraid to ask people to share with you what they think you are all about. Ask a couple customers or fans what you are best known for.
  5. [24:32] Consider putting together a framework, method, or blueprint that you can go back to as a foundation. This is probably something that will evolve over time. When you see people gravitating towards it, you know it’s your thing.

Alright, my friend, I hope you’ll take this info and run with it to position yourself for lasting success.

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