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You want people ready to buy when you launch your course, but how do you do that? This episode will explain exactly how to be intentional before your launch, so that your customers will be ready to buy when you are ready to sell. You need to start the relationship building early, because people buy from those that they know, like, and trust. I am going to share a powerful marketing strategy that you can use to seed the idea of your course before it is ever launched.

You will be priming the pump in a transparent and authentic way that makes people hungry for what you have to offer. I’m going to give you three powerful tips that you can intentionally use to get your buyers ready and excited to buy from you when you launch. This mini lesson will give you actionable ways to talk about your course in a natural way that doesn’t sound salesy and gets people excited about what you are offering.

  • [06:49] The best way to hit your goals during your launch is to be incredibly intentional before your launch. You want to position yourself as your audience's guide, so they recognize you as their go-to source. This priming period is all about how you show up for your audience.
  • [10:33] Use stories about your journey or your students journey to seed your course. This will make the struggles more real and tangible. Think about your students and where were they, what did they struggle with, what held them back, and what helped them move forward. Understand the difference between a story and a testimonial and use both of them.
  • [15:59] Talk about specific lessons, formulas, frameworks, or strategies that are in your course. I created a framework and then showed how it came to life with a step-by-step of a webinar that made me over three million dollars in one launch. Give names to your lessons and formulas.
  • [20:03] Create exclusivity. You want your non-students to want to be part of your special insider community. Shout outs are a great way to share that you have something special. When people see you talking about it, they want to be part of it. Do it in a loving mindful way.
  • [22:47] Don't be afraid to talk about your course multiple times in multiple ways. Weaving your product into the conversation naturally never sounds salesy. In order to make the seeding strategy work, you have to launch when you say you are going to launch.  

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