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Have you ever thought about adding a membership site to your business model? How does the idea of recurring revenue in your business sound? Revenue coming in every single month, rain or shine, launch or no launch… Sounds good to me!  

Many of my students are course creators and the idea of adding a membership site on the backend of their course as a way for their customers to continue working with them really does seem to be the next right step in their business.

My students aren’t the only ones getting on the membership site train...In fact, I’m in the process of adding a membership site to my own business and what I’ve learned over the past year about the power of combining memberships and courses is nothing short of revolutionary.

If you tuned in last week, I spoke with the membership site guru himself, Stu McLaren, and we went through the 10 most burning questions about membership sites and boy have we heard from a lot of you of how helpful that episode was and how it has inspired many of you to take that next step.

Well, you know I love a good story, so I wanted to hear from some course creators who added a membership site to their business mix. I wanted to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, straight from their mouths, so I jumped on Facebook Live this week and interviewed three people who’ve added a membership site on the backend of their course as a way for their customers to continue working with them and to be able to receive the post-course support that is so important to their continued success.

You’re going to love hearing from these three rockstar entrepreneurs and believe me, they have the results to prove that memberships and courses go together like peanut butter and jelly.

So let me tell you a little bit about each of my guests. They’re in completely different industries but they all have one thing in common…they have successfully combined their courses with memberships.


Listen to your students when they tell you they want more of you...

Jamie Swanson is a busy mama of six who teaches other photographers how to work with entrepreneurs and influencers who need a steady stream of images to grow their personal brand. Her course teaches photographers how to pivot their business from whatever type of photography they’ve been doing before, maybe family portraits, weddings, etc.) to this new hot market for personal brand photography. After finishing Jamie’s course, her students were constantly asking how they could continue working with her. She knew a membership site would serve them best. Listen in as Jamie shares her biggest fears about opening up a membership site (hello, content treadmill!), how she’s embraced a simple model that her students love and her whopping conversion rate when she opened up her membership site to her existing students.  


Think your course is too niched for a membership site?

Think again! Jesse Mencia teaches hand-lettering to Spanish speaking women, as well as how they can turn their hobby of hand-lettering into a business by selling their beautiful products. Jesse started with a six-week course, but quickly saw the need for continued support after her students finished up her course. Once again, her students wanted more and they were willing to pay. Listen in as Jesse shares her inspiring story.    


From rock solid copywriting foundation to confident business building...

Belinda is a copywriter who teaches aspiring copywriters how to gain confidence in working with clients, hone their craft and build thriving copywriting businesses. Now, listen carefully because we’ve got a theme going on here...Belinda’s students, like both Jamie and Jesse, told her they wanted more from her. When they gained confidence in their copywriting from her course, the next right step was to learn how to build and scale their businesses, and that’s where her membership site came in. Listen in as Belinda shares how she runs her membership site and how she’s adding some new promotional strategies to the mix.

Each of these ladies has had great success and they all golden insights to share, such as…

  • How to batch 10 weeks of content in one four hour block
  • How to share your membership with your course students
  • How a membership site helps your best students to get greater results

If you’re curious about how you can combine a membership with your course, you won’t want to miss this episode!

And if you want more of the secrets that have helped these ladies succeed, you’ll want to sign up for my dear friend Stu McLaren’s FREE workshop, Recurring Revolution.

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