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One of the best ways to sell your product is to get out there and tell people about it. This isn’t always easy! After this episode, you’re going to be armed with strategies to confidently talk about your product like a pro.

After an exhausting launch, I found myself mindlessly flipping through channels and stumbled upon an infomercial for Bye Bye Foundation with IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Lima. This is a woman who knows how to SELL her product to the tune of millions and millions of dollars.

I noticed that Jamie talks about her product in a very specific way. The words she was using… the way she repeats herself… it was like magic! She was seamlessly talking about her product the way I’d like to talk about my own programs while on webinars and Facebook Lives.

I began studying her work and really paying attention. I discovered that she has very specific strategies for talking about her product, so I broke those down for you in this episode. I also give you some tips and tricks to apply Jamie’s expert strategies when talkinb about your own products.

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The Seven Secrets for Talking About Your Product Like a Pro:

  • [06:51] Solidify your verbal tagline. A verbal tagline is something that you say over and over again. Create an inspirational or motivational tagline that talks about your product.
  • [10:34] Tell what it is. You’ve got to be clear on exactly what it is you’re selling. It may seem obvious to you, but it may not be to your potential customer. You want to highlight what is most important about your product, program or service through the use of very concise phrases or words.
  • [13:58] Tell what it's not. You just need one or two sentences of what your product is not. Find one or two things that you know your audience doesn't want because that allows you to then move into what it IS in an inspirational way. This contrast can be very powerful.
  • [16:08] Tell why it's unique. There are likely multiple ways your product, program or service is unique, but it’s important to highlight ONE specific way it’s very unique to set you apart from your competition.
  • [20:37] Identify a few core themes. Come up with verbal themes. Jamie uses the words “different” and “deserve” a lot as her theme words. A theme word I use when I talk about my programs is “doable”. It’s important to have some themes that are constant when talking about your product, program or service.
  • [26:09] Future pace with an intentional one-liner. Future pacing by beginning a sentence with “Imagine…” will help your potential customer look at what’s possible, or what’s ahead for them. You want them to get excited and future pacing will help them to envision a better future for themselves if they purchase your product, program or service.
  • [28:23] Choose testimonials that speak to all of the above. When getting testimonials from your customers, make sure to ask the right questions to get authentic answers that talk about your product in a way that mirrors how you talk about your product.

I've created a cheat sheet that will walk you through these seven secrets in detail but will also prompt you to create each of these snippets on your own so that you have them when you go into your next promotion. Grab the cheat sheet here!

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