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You asked some tough questions, and today I’ve got answers!

I recently put out a post on Instagram to all of you, asking: What would you like to know about how I built my business?

The response was amazing! You all sent in SO many questions and today, I’m going to answer 10 of them.

I tried picking topics that I haven’t covered all that much on previous episodes, and that would resonate with as many as you as possible.

Here are those 10 questions:

#1: If you burned it all down & started over, what are the first 3 things you’d focus on & do now? (This one was a super timely one!)

#2: What did you do when your email list was TINY? I mean less than 100, like mine 😅. How did you interact with your small community? (It all started with me underpromising, and overdelivering…)

#3: When you have multiple awesome projects you’re working on, how do you prioritize? (Shout out to my project management tool, Asana!)

#4: In hindsight, what is one thing you wish you would have done sooner? (If you’re a loyal listener, you know the painful answer to this one!)

#5: How do you set boundaries for quality family time and one on one time? (I need to be open and honest: I work on this every single day.)

#6: Have you veered off course and how did you know when to get back on course or go ahead in that different direction? (So I’ve never been big on chasing shiny objects, but I also get too comfortable sometimes…)

#7: How did you originally grow your podcast audience? What specifically did you leverage? Or was it purely organic? (I would say it was about two years before the podcast was doing amazing things.)

#8: Apart from weekly consistent content what moved the success needle for you? (This one was REALLY hard for me at first…)

#9: What do you do in the moments when you doubt yourself? (For me, I just keep doing…)

#10: Which mentor do you credit for making the biggest impact in creating the biz you ❤️ today? (A little tribute to my mom and dad, and how I got the best of both worlds.)

I really hope this episode proves valuable to you. I’m sharing a little bit of what’s in my secret sauce, and I and my wish is that it inspires you to kick butt in your business.

Don’t forget to check out the links at the bottom of this page. I couldn’t get to all of the questions, so I’ve listed some resource podcasts down below as an additional tool for you!

Now, let’s dive in! Let’s get your burning questions answered!

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