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I’m here to get honest about the fears that come up around launching.

Because they are too real. And I have faced MANY of them.

If you’ve been listening for a while, then you know I had a HUGE fear of launching courses using webinars. I royally screwed up the first webinar I ever touched, back in my Tony Robbins days. Another time I had THE Marie Forleo live on my webinar, and it went completely silent right as I introduced her.


But as bad as those experiences were, I didn’t let them define me as a business owner. Because if I let that fear take over, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Maybe you’ve had similar horrifying experiences. Maybe you had a webinar and no one showed up. Or you put a lot of effort into a launch for crickets. Well I’m here to tell you: That’s part of being in business. And you have to bust through that fear and march forward if you want to be successful.

And here’s the great news: I’ve generated well over $9 million through webinar launches by NOT letting the fear hold me back—and you can have that kind of success too…but you HAVE to get over your fear of launching!

For today’s episode, I’m going to drill down into the most common fears when it comes to launching, and how to squash them.

I’m going to break down some important insights you need to know and shake up some of your mindset blocks that are holding you back from giving it 100% when you launch something new.

It’s time to launch face first, hands out wide, ready to accept anything that comes your way. Are you ready for that? Press play and let’s dive in.

By the way, if your head is spinning just at the idea of a launch, I get it.

The truth is you likely have not been taught many of the crazy nuances around launching strategies.

Which is exactly what I wanted to break down the big picture of what it takes to launch a digital course, in my new masterclass. I’ll give you three behind-the-scenes secrets to digital course success in 2019 and beyond. I’ll share how to build, launch a grow a digital course business without the overwhelm and confusion.

Go to to sign up—make sure you reserve your spot, because I will be doing this class LIVE only!  

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